Team Harte – Season Update 2014-15

We have a mixture of emotions as the season comes to an end; we had an absolute blast this season but at the same time we were disappointed with how some of the races went this year..

Looking back on the season we just want to relive it all over again, I am so happy with how it turned out, not for the results as they were quite disappointing sometimes and I feel like sometimes there were too many mistakes made but because as a Team we had a really good time together and supported each other and never gave up believing we could achieve our end goal. I am quite pleased with a lot of my race runs but putting two together for an overall race result this year was quite challenging. Despite this, I started a few European cups this season and even managed to get myself on Italian tv in the Slalom leg of the European Cup in San Candido. I got quite a bit of silverware at this year’s British Championships as well.

However, ever since the end of last season I have been suffering with quite bad reactions to something and just before Christmas I found out it was from Wheat-Gluten allergy and also an imbalance of my sugar levels in my body. I have not been fully diagnosed yet as I was in the season I could not have these tests performed but these reactions meant that I was uncoordinated, off balance, dizzy, sick, extremely emotional and very confused and dazed for the most part of my time racing. These reactions get worse with exercise so racing for me was a bit of challenge this year. I will never use this as an excuse for some my performances this year and I am extremely proud with the results I have achieved this season with this. I am also so grateful for all the support my team has showed me to help me get through this to get into the start gate each day but it is now something I am going to spend some time getting tested while having some time off.

Giulia is also extremely happy with her season because it was really fun and the time the team spent together was really great. She also, had some good results and reduced her ranking at the beginning of the season. She had some good races in Pila in January but shortly after this unfortunately she had to take 4 weeks due a fall in super g in which saw her tear a muscle in her shoulder and have bad bone bruising on her clavicle. She started back racing and training in February and managed to put some good race runs down together and all through March as well. Unfortunately first race of British championships she had an accident and ended up with a displaced clavicle fracture in super G and now has to rest for 6 weeks. She is now waiting to see specialist to tell her what is next for her.

We don’t define our success this season on how fast our times were or how good our points were but on how well we skied and how much fun we all had. It’s important not to lose sight of this during the season otherwise you lose your focus and your results start to slip. We may be leaving the season with a ranking that we were hoping would be better than it is now but more importantly we are leaving the season with a lot of confidence and direction for next season and we are so excited to get started.